Sam Winfield (that’s me) is a digital designer making strategic, accessible design systems and digital products. Right now, I'm working as a Product Designer at Manhattan Hydraulics.

I like making things that are modest and useful. I’m currently dreaming about opening a bookstore.

Large Institutional Website

IA, UX, Design System, Strategy

Large Institution needed a fully-accessible and modern website that captured their prestige as an institution and as a leader in higher education.

I designed an accessible and flexible design system and built out a series of CMS-driven sites and tools: the main college and admissions site, the admitted students’ website, a net-price-calculator, and an applicant portal.

This project is under NDA. For more about this project, please get in touch for the case study password.

Case Study

Art Bridges

IA, UX, Design System, Strategy

Art Bridges is a new organization dedicated to getting great art out of storage and into museums. They partner with institutions of all sizes to organize traveling shows, fund programming, and help museums engage with audiences.

The initial redesign focused on a new digital platform and core tools to help museums borrow and lend exhibitions. I created a foundational design system, and helped create key features, flows, and content strategy.

Case Study

Outrider Foundation

UX, Design System, Illustration

Outrider Foundation is an awareness organization that focuses on informing the public about issues like climate change impact and nuclear proliferation.

I established a digital identity and design system for Outrider designed to grow with the organization, and created the interface for two digital interactives. The Bomb Blasts interactive went viral after launching, which was cool, and was featured by places like Fast Company.

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Interaction Design, UX, Web Design

I designed a digital collection explorer for Americans, a new permanent exhibition at the National Museum of the American Indian. The interactive teaches visitors the history and context of the artifacts hanging in the exhibition.

I also made some key navigation decisions and produced illustrations and animations for the exhibition website. In 2020, the project was featured in the Washington Post.

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